Many people have either little experience or little knowledge about their septic systems. Here are some terms that can be helpful in talking to us about your septic problems:

Septic Tank: An underground tank that is normally made of concrete or plastic and typically contains one or two chambers.

Field Lines: A system that can be made of different types of piping that diffuses treated waste into the ground. Every septic tank has to have a field line. Also called a leach field/ drain field. The length of field line is based on the number of bedrooms in a home.

Baffles: Tanks normally have two baffles (an outlet and inlet) that are positioned at junctions where a pipe enters or leaves a septic tank.

Clean Out: A clean out is normally located between the house and the tank. This is typically a smaller white PVC pipe that comes out of the ground, and it serves to channel waste up onto the ground instead of backing up into your home in the event of a septic back up.

General Tips and Tricks:

  • Do NOT put dead animals in your tank (you’d be surprised what we hear about!)
  • Do not dispose of cat litter via your septic system, that should go in the trash!
  • Unless you have a garbage disposal, do NOT dispose of food waste via your septic system. In all circumstances avoid putting fats, oils, and grease (FOG’s) down the drain, as these can cause clogs and negatively impact your septic system’s chemistry


Normally, we would say that additives are not necessary. There is natural bacteria in your septic system that helps break down waste into sludge. However, if you are someone who uses a lot of bleach or cleaning products, or if you are not a year-round resident, contributing additives can be helpful.

When to Be Concerned:

Don’t be caught unaware, know the signs that may mean your septic tank needs to be serviced. If you experience gurgling and slow draining toilets and sinks, wet spots in the yard, or odors inside or outside the home call us at Chris Mote’s Pumping Service.

Whether pumping your tank or repairing your drain lines, we work to ensure that your septic problems are fixed the first time. Now serving Dahlonega, Cleveland, Demorest, Cornelia, and surrounding areas!