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How Do I Know That I Need a Drain Line Repair?

Whenever you have septic backing up inside your house or coming up in your yard, that’s a pretty good indicator that something is wrong. Sometimes, those problems are because you drain field isn’t draining properly.

What Causes a Drain Field to Malfunction?

drain field malfunctions when the lines are either damaged or the ground becomes so saturated, that water can’t drain properly. Sometimes, drain field problems are aggravated with wet weather. If you see extremely wet areas in your yard, particularly when it’s already wet outside, that can be a symptom of

Driving over the lines with large vehicles or equipment can cause the lines to collapse, which means water can’t drain properly. Avoid parking on field lines (or septic tanks for that matter) for extended periods of time. If you’re working with heavy equipment in the yard, avoid the septic system area.

An excessive root problems can also be the culprit for field line problems. Roots filling the lines can also cause poor drainage and eventually a septic back up.

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